Monday, October 3, 2011

Frank's Rocking Chair Painted with Reclaim!

Frank's rocking chair from the front porch, all spruced up!


Frank cutting the old torn seat out of the chair.

Frank is making sure that the surface is Clean, Dry and Grease free.

Ready for painting, Frank settled for my choice of black, to match the other two rocking chairs on the front porch.  Frank is using Caromal Colours Reclaim in Licorice!  Please feel free to call me to order paints at 540-429-1942, or order directly from Caromal Colours and use my coupon code "DGS" to get a discount on your shipping, I will also receive credit for the sale!

Time to dry!  3-5 days of drying is recommended by the company.  Cure time is 30 days before cleaning.  
Because this rocker will sit on our front porch, Frank will apply a couple coats of a polyurethane varnish after the 3-5 day drying period.

Frank wove the seat with Shaker Tape in Black and Blue.  Great job Frank!  You are so good at weaving the seats!  Only problem is putting it back on the front porch where the cats are going to want to sit on it!  But I found a solution, that has worked for a week now!  I put an large tub in the seat!  ah ha!  It is working so far!

Go to and request a class to learn how to weave the Shaker Tape seat!!

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