Saturday, November 5, 2011

Grace's 50th Party Stuff
Starting with......

The invitation, Designed and printed by Deborah Gayle Studio

Directional signs Welcome you to the party!

I wouldn't try to follow them all, but they do look cool!  
Created by Frank and Debi

Have to have the balloons!!!

Blue, is the color for the party, one of Grace's favorite colors!  A Blue checker feed bag served as runner for the island.  Blue serving platters and dishes were chosen for the delicious foods prepared. 

The large medallion in the flower arrangement was one of 8.  Each side of the medallion had a different photo from Grace's life. They  were numbered to correspond with a numbered sheet of paper containing questions about each photo.  Sixteen in all.  Guests were encouraged to find the various photos and answer the questions.

The question for this one was, Who is Grace with?
The answer was her brother's Bob and John

Smaller medallions were made with photos of Grace as a young child.  They were also numbered and corresponded with a numbered paper to record the year of each photo!  Francie Fox won the prize for this game!

Cupcakes galore!  Marie D'Amico made the fabulous variety of Cupcakes for the party! 
We had Carrot Cake, Red Velvet, Oreo Cookie and Chocolate cupcakes.! 
Each one was delicious!  Marie also added the tulle to give the desserts a fancy fluffy look!

Happy 50th picks were made by Debi and assembled by Prudence!

Not very many blue flowers available, but these worked well!

Lots of flowers around the house.

These jars accepted the many gifts brought to the party!
I did not have time to make the individual signs for the jars,
so the chalk board was a handy way to get the message across to the guests!
Grace asked for donations to the SPCA and lottery tickets!  
We also celebrated Frank's birthday which was October 15th.

Dog Tag Art

Dog Tag Art, an opportunity to create for everyone that attended!! 
Stamping on various metal surfaces to create individualized wearable works of art to commemorate the occasion!

Some of the tools available to use!

Door prizes and game prizes!  Grace is big on Corona Light and recycling.  The slumped bottle was done by Blue Bird Glass Studio in Stafford, VA
Decorated with ribbons by Francis and Kristen!

Janis Lambrose gifted us with a box full of S'more kits to use by the fire!  

 Fire pit was ready for the big night!

 That's it for now!  If you made it to the party, I hope you had a wonderful time!  If not, sorry you missed it!  See FB for more party photos!

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