Monday, October 28, 2013

Metal Art Flowers & Owls

More Metal Art

Four Fabulous Flower Boards
It was a lot of fun putting together these fun flower boards!
The flowers were created using various molds, coasters, drill bits, hinges, cranks and more.  Many pieces were attached using screws and others using wire.

Meet Speedy
for sale, now, at Cameo's
downtown Fredericksburg, VA

This is Cranky Heart 
Also, for sale at Cameo's

White Washed
was adopted by Frank & Debi 
and is hanging in the stairwell 
to Frank's man cave! 

Star Flowers
was my first Metal Flower Art piece 
and is waiting, at Cameo's, to be adopted.


Had to use up all the left overs, so see whoo is available for adoption at Cameo's.

Garden Owl
Shovel beak, pitch fork and shovel feet and hoe brows!

Kitchen Owl
Cake pan, juicer, tart pans, sifter parts and butter knives. 

Baby Owl
Not sure what the 2 body metal pieces started out as.
Fondue fork brows, fork and spoon feet, molds and bottle caps. 
Added the little chalk board at the last minute.
Just love this baby!

Mink Oil Owl
Ash trays, can lids and bottom and bottle caps make the eyes.
Cake pan and mink oil can lid (with a horse on it!)
Brass fork feet and a drift wood beak.

Cam's Owl
This one is for Cameron at Cameo's!  
A women with a big heart and 
always rolling from one place to another to help people in need.

Also for sale at Cameo's 
are Happy Owl Blocks!
One side displays a fun decorative owl and the other side
had a die cut chalkboard vinyl to write a special note. 

Thanks for looking at my creations!  
Want to make something?  
Check out my website, 
 Under Creative Classes, click request on the right.  
Design Services, has many ideas.  
If you see something you would like to make send me an email, or call 540-429-1942 
and we can set up a class!

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