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BaByQ Shower July 9th, 2016

BaBy-Q Bash

Kristen and Francis
July 9, 2016

The invitation was created by April Angilletta
The BaBy-Q was given by both the Fox families and the Angilletta and Perryman families.
This beautiful and fun filled event would not have been possible without the generous giving of time, work and effort by all families!
Thanks to all!

Outside Decor!

Over sized Bows made from bright pink netting
 lead the way to the BaBy-Q

Handmade by Debi, a bunting featuring 16" x 22"  appliqued fabric cotton flags, spelling out the event, was strung across the driveway of Painted Trails. 
The dark gray fabric used for the letters and heart were cut from an old suit jacket belonging to Francis.   

The walkway to the front door was spotted with decorated iron picks. Each pick held a moss covered block stenciled or stamped with letters for Allie's name and symbols of love or her nursery theme. The blocks were set on a bed of moss and embellished with ribbons in the event colors.

Off to the right of the path is a bubbling fountain
On to the front porch.
There's a vintage wooden cradle filled with fresh colorful plants. 

Frank picked the plants from the garden store!
Nice job Frank!

Later, he planted them in the garden. 

Rocking chairs wait for those who can weather the heat of the day.

The front porch was graced with more handmade fabric bunting, but on a smaller scale than the bunting in the driveway! 

Indoor Activities

Inside the main front door of the home is a painting for Allie 
created and painted by Debi

Below the painting was
A Guest block signing table.

The shower planning team painted the blocks in the colors of the event and 
each guest was asked to sign a block and 
place it in the acrylic jar. 

Guess the number of Peanuts for the Elephants
and win a door prize provided by the Fox family.

Baby Prediction Game

Complete the card with your best guesses for the delivery date, 
weight, eye color etc. and clip it to the crib spring frame. 
Crib spring frame was painted with left over spray paint in event colors.

The Fox family provided great gift cards for the BaBy-Q Raffle!

Message book 

Francie's gift for Allie sat watch over the Prediction Cards, Raffle Tickets and message book! 

The BaBy-Q Menu


Rolls were served from the yellow painted cradle on the table.

Buffet in the Music Room

The old piano was re-purposed as a serving space!


Napkins and plasticware were fashioned to appear as hair bows for Allie

Barbeque sauces were easy to use in the plastic baby bottles!

The pink porcelain booties, under glass, held a flower arrangement that my mother received when I was born. 
The white elephant is a bank found at a thrift store and the two Celedon elephants were from a Thai friend and fit the theme so they were part of the decor.

More music room decor with a few festive elephants added to the mix!!


Allie's Cake

By Francie and Katie Fox

Francis and Kristen

Black Bottom Mini Cupcakes
By Maria D'Amico
Delightful Desserts



Seating in the dining room


Seating in the man cave

Seating in the studio

Seating next to the kitchen

                                                  Inside Decor 

Display over the fire place. Machine sewn strings of paper elephants.
Festive balloons anchored with vintage baby bottle and block planter. 
The photo in the center is one from Francis' nursery. 
Taken by Uncle David while he visited South Africa back in late 1980's. 
Uncle David said this elephant was charging them!


The center pieces were babies Breath and Roses in Vintage Milk Bottles surrounded by Dollar Tree toy elephants that were spray painted in the BaBy-Q color scheme.

View from the fireplace into the kitchen area. The table at the front of the picture had an antique church bench for seating.
That's Kristen over by the window!

View from the kitchen looking towards the fireplace.

Some of my baby dresses and slips and a white cotton shirt worn by April.

More of the baby dresses and slips saved by my mother. Wow! 60 years old!


My seasonal wood slat tree also received some BaBy-Q touches. Draped with baby shoes, booties and socks the tree fell right in with the other baby related decor. The big pair of gray and white shoes at the base of the tree were worn by Francis when he was learning to walk. 

Live Gerber Daisies in the industrial link of metal buckets

Berry infused water served in blue mason jars with colorful paper straws.

Some of the handmade fabric bunting made it inside!
This is the one Kristen chose for Allie's nursery.


More peanuts left over from the peanut count game and a pair of vintage ceramic booties

"You are my Sunshine" canvas painting for Allie's nursery

Elephant pallet board painting for Allie's nursery

Fox (Kristen's maiden name) pallet board painting for Allie's nursery
The three creations above were painted by Debi

Francis' birth date and weight. Stitched by a friend of my mother's, in 1986.  

Allie's name in designer scrap booking paper cut outs.
Created by Debi

A little Chalkboard Art
Created by Debi

Kristen wearing her Team Allie pin and holding a hand drawn card by Susan Snellings

Team Allie pins
Created by April

Elephant Cookie Party Favors

By Katie Fox



 Served in a hand painted and stenciled 
wooden cradle.
By Debi Angilletta


A pretty wooden box with Allie's name engraved on the top. 
The entire box was hand made by the Santos Family.

Another painted and stenciled cradle, filled with cards.
Next to that is the Bows and Head bands rack! 

A large wooden cradle holds some of the pretty bagged gifts!

Front yard Activities

A beer bottle on a pole, use a Frisbee to knock it off


                 Corn hole                                         Water balloons                 




water balloons are getting filled

Side yard

  Hula Hoops

 Drinks in coolers

                         First aid and other necessities             An industrial fan to help cool down!     

Golf cart to bring in far parking guests, driven by Wanda

Ready for Water Balloon Battle

Some Guest and Family photos



Thanks for joining us!!

String of Balloons

This is the back side of the BaBy-Q bunting you saw when arriving for the shower.

Gift for the D-ma

I found this awesome little gift on my kitchen window sill after things calmed down with the BaBy-Q.
Thanks so much Sue Gammon!

Photos by Kristen Angilletta, Katie Fox, Sue Gammon, Teresa Grimes, Sue Marbach and Deborah Angilletta

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