Monday, July 18, 2011

Caromal Colours Kristen's Doggie Bucket

While at the beach we have to do some kind of project!  So, I brought some galvanized metal buckets to paint.  Kristen wanted to paint it with a doggie theme for her two precious pups, Khaki and Zoey!

We started with a tin bucket picked up at a local flea market.

After cleaning the metal with Simple Green, Kristen went to work pushing and smashing on a coat of Caromal Colours Reclaim paint in Sage.  Kristen was covered it in two coats and allowed it to dry overnight.

We did not have any stencils with us. My daughter, April, suggested we make stencils out of watercolor paper, that she had on hand.  Kristen drew her bone and paw designs and cut them out. She used blue painter's tape to adhere the stencil to the bucket.  Remember, to try the stencil on a scrap piece of paper before attempting the final project.

Kristen used Caromal Colours Blackberry Stencil Cream for the paw prints.  Mother Earth and Wheat were used for the bones. (Remember to use my coupon code "DGS" to get a discount on your shipping or contact me for the products)  Kristen stenciled them randomly around the outside and the inside of the bucket.

Her is the finished product again.  I had Kristen give the bucket one coat of varnish to give the stenciled areas some protection.  Didn't she do an awesome job!  I am so proud of your work, Kristen!!!!

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