Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Caromal Colours Painted Wooden Box

Using the Caromal Colours Paints (CCP), I took this brightly painted flowery box (that i picked up at a yard sale for $3) and transformed it into an aged piece to match my decor!  
The first thing I did, was remove the flower handles and replaced them with some plain round wooden handles.  Then I cleaned the entire box with Simple Green.  ( I save the flower handles for a future project).

Next, I pushed and twisted a combination of CCP colors, Colonial Blue and Bayberry Textured Basecoats, 1:1, onto the entire outside surface of the box.  I let that dry.
Once the texture base coat was dry I added a layer of Chipping Cream. The Chipping Cream actually goes on white but dries clear, so you don't see all of it in this photo.  I remembered at the last minute that I wanted to take a photo!  The Chipping Cream allows the next layer to be removed when sanded therefore revealing the under color.
When the Chipping Cream was dry, I added a layer of Peppercorn CCP Textured Basecoat on the entire box. 
When the Peppercorn was dry I began the sanding using a mouse sander.  That's me pretending to sand.  I do this kind of sanding outside!  and use a mask if you have one. It is important to sand more in areas that would have gotten the most use when you are attempting to make the piece look authentically old.  In this case I sanded mostly on the edges of the doors and around the handles.

I just love to see the under color come through!  Now we are ready for toning!

The toner is applied with a paint brush and removed with a cotton rag.  The toner pulls the two colors together creating a wonderful blend that is pleasing to the eye and gives the appearance of older paint. I added toner to the inside also.
Now it just needs a good coat of wax or varnish to withstand it's new on my desk!  If you like what you see and would like to learn more about the paints and the application process, please go to    and look under Creative Classes, Upcoming Classes or the Calendar for a future class!  Hope to see you soon!

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