Saturday, August 6, 2011

Frank & Debi's Painted Eggs

 Three dozen + painted wooden eggs.

 In an effort to clear out my basement studio storage, 
Frank and I tested our Caromal Colours on these wooden eggs.  
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Close ups show some of our techniques!

If you don't have wooden eggs you can use plastic ones.  
The paints stick just as well to the plastic as they do to wood!  

We like how they turned out! But they can be a challenge to paint!

We painted a base color on each egg, covering the entire egg and let them dry on a wire drying rack. Once dried we touched up the area of the egg that touched the wire rack.

I sanded each egg before we began the decorating details.

 The decorative details were the most fun of this whole process!  We dried them on the wire rack as well. I sanded them one more time, covered them with toner and my final step was waxing the eggs with Liberon Fine Paste Wax.

These are the mini baby eggs!  Aren't they so cute?
You can also contact me through my website,, and order the paints directly from me.

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