Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hydrangea Tray using Caromal Colours Reclaim

Hydrangea Tray 18" in diameter.
This beautiful wooden tray was made in Sweden and had seen better days.

Using White Reclaim, I rolled the paint on both sides of this tray. Two coats were needed to cover the black splotch on the wood.

Caromal Colours has a wonderful large Hydrangea Stencil!

Using Caromal Colours Stencil Cremes I stenciled the flower using Lilac, Berry Blue and some Snowberry.
For the leaves I used Mossy Green and Mother Earth.

When the Stencil Cremes were dry I sanded the entire piece and used a scrapper to remove paint in areas, giving it age.

Toner was brushed over the entire piece and some was removed with a soft rag.

Two coats of varnish seal the tray so that is can be used as intended!

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