Saturday, September 17, 2011

Debi, Sue & Friends Meet for Apples!!

This quarter we had nine friends join us for our Appleicious Theme!
Sue showed us how to made fresh Apple Butter!  An easy recipe she found online.  
Our amazing Sue cooked up batches of Apple Butter at home so that she had completed Apple Butter and half made Apple Butter.   She is amazing!  The Friends helped cut the apples and put them into the crock pot!

From there Sue took us, magically, to the pot of Apple Butter that was ready to process!

We then filled the jars!

The finished product!

Sue made these awesome labels and tags using our DS&F Logo!

For our craft, we stamped canvas bags using real apples!

We used So-soft Fabric paints in reds, greens and yellows.  
We used brown for the stems and black for the seeds.  

Cutting the apple one direction gives a nice traditional apple shape.
Cutting the apple across the middle gives a cute star shape in the center.

We think our friends did a wonderful job with their bags!!!
Let me know what you think!


  1. Love how real apples were used for the stamp! So cool and different! Have any left over apple butter? I'd like to try some!

  2. Sure do! When we demonstrated cutting the apples it filled my crock pot and I made apple butter from it on Sunday. I'll be sure to save you some!