Monday, April 2, 2012

Kristen's Bridal Shower Decor

Kristen's Bridal Shower Decor

A simple banner created by Debi and Sue Snellings hung in the game and gift room 
(my studio)

Table center pieces were created by Debi using mother's
 large sea shells filled with beautiful lavender flowers.   

The flowers were chosen by and purchased from 
Carolyn Helfrich, Floral and Landscape Designer.

I used an oval plate and filled it with sand to steady the shell.

Thanks Mom for sharing the shells!

Another, beachy themed display with sand, sea glass and starfish.

A close up!

Outside the dining room doors. 

Seating for all.  This is in the kitchen area

Seating in the music room!

Seating in the Keeping Room!

More photos of the shell and flower center pieces!

They were much more impressive in real life.

The desserts buffet!  Cupcakes, fruit torte and chocolate covered pretzel rods, yum!

Labels for all the delicious food prepared by Francie, Debi, April, Sarah and Katie.

Cold drinks were served out on the screened in porch!
Hot drinks were in the laundry room.

Frank and I cut out ten 6" circles from a thin plywood.  
I painted the signs with wedding words and placed them around the house. 
Above are two! Following are all ten.

Hope you like them!

Special seating for our special bride to be.  The quilt is from family on my mother's side.  

Recipe cards are strung on  a line over the gift table!  
The card box was built and used by Kristen's Grandfather Cherubino!

April and Sarah created several games for the guests to play.  
Below is a shell guessing game!
Nikki won this game guessing 113 shells and there were 119 in the jar!

This game we called Smackarooni!  Like pin the tail on the donkey, you tape your lips on an extra large black and white photo of Francis, you are blindfolded of course!  Kristen got her lips the closest on this game!

Below is the spice game.  
Guess and list the names of all the spices .  Laura Robinson Beach won this game!

There was also a word scramble game, 
Maureen Weierbach and Diana Jarrell tied for first place.

Fabric banners adorn the front porch! 

This banner is dedicated to our home and our wedding anniversary!

Close Up!!!

All hand sewn! With a machine that is! 
and some actually by hand.

Man, we are getting old!

I just liked this view!

These are all for Kristen and Francis!

All flags are made from 100% cotton cleaning cloths 
that I picked up from Walmart, years ago! 

Using felt and fabric from my old clothing I fashioned the flags!

The leaves on this one are from a favorite shirt! 
An old button from my button jar!

Some flags I hand wrote the words using a fabric pen. 

Other flags I stenciled the letters!

And others I stamped!  This is one of my favorites!

An old quilt piece from a well loved quilt.

For the newly weds to be!

I looked up quotes online and gave credit to the author if there was one.

The plan is to sew them all together and 
make a wall hanging or lap quilt for Francis and Kristen.

Being that we were collecting recipe cards for Kristen and Francis.  I created a simple window decoration featuring old Betty Crocker recipe cards attached with old clothes pins to a purple baker's twine.  My collection of vintage kitchen tools gave some variation of shapes to the banner.

The recipe cards are fun to read and cook with!

For Francis and Kristen, I created a fun wall hanging using an old flour sack I picked up at an auction in Pennsylvania, a rectangle plank of wood, some wire and embellishments.  This piece was inspired by the wonderful folks at Housecat and Buttonhooks in Shrewsberry, PA.


The sand dollar is from one of our family trips to the beach.  I created the lollipop flower using felt, embroidery thread and a pearl brad.
Kristen is fond of pearls so I added the strand of pearls to the purple and teal seam binding & vintage netting.
k & f are stamped on a piece from an old linen jacket that I wore until there were holes in the elbows. The letter stamps are from Stampin Up.

To celebrate Frank and my anniversary I created another flour sack arrangement for the newel post. 

Floral and Landscape designer, Carolyn Helfrich, 
filled this sack with a loose, colorful and whimsy arrangement!

That stands for Debi and Frank.  
I just loved that old teal flour scoop and had to add it in!
Letter stamps are from Stampin Up.


Party favors made by Maid of Honor, Sarah and Brides Maid April, included handmade Sea Glass Candy in Grape, Spearmint and Peppermint flavors and your choice of Kristen's Calming Bath Salts or Francis' Flavorful Rosemary infused Sea Salt.

 Here are Kristen's Calming Bath Salts!

Or you could choose Francis' Flavorful Rosemary Sea Salt!

 A close up of the Sea Glass Candy!     

You actually see this sign on your way into the house!
Frank and I cut the wood, I sanded, painted and sealed the signs, 
Frank put them on the stake and April and Frank put it in the ground.  
A team effort!!

I think I have a thing about signs!!  

Some Gifts for Kristen!!

Using one of my father's suit hangers, I removed the bar that held the pants, bent some wire to spell out Kristen, glued the ends of the wire back into the holes left from the pants bar and cut notches on either side of the hanger to accommodate the dress straps. The name Angilletta was too many letters for my first time doing this.  Maybe later I will attempt that!

This is a wedding advent box! Kristen and Francis will start opening the small gift boxes 25 days before their wedding date!  In each box is a scripture verse that my mother chose to share with them. 

 I printed each verse on paper, cut it down to fit into the Widsom to Love By book and adhered tabbed adhesive to the backs.  Along with the verse they will find various other treasures in each box, such as gift cards.....opps I can't say any more because they have not started to open them!!

I think that about sums up the decorations and handmade gifts!  

I hope you have enjoyed this run through the Bridal Shower.  Please leave a comment and let me know what you think or if you have any questions about anything you have seen here.  
 I will have more photos of the event on Facebook soon!  

Thanks, Debi


  1. this is wonderful!!!!!Everything you do is special and lovely. Art: the act of making are an amazing artist! Love you and hope the wedding is the best.

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  3. Debi:

    This shower was reflective of the value you place on love, family, and tradition. Every aspect of the theme was carried out to the nth degree. Kristen is so lucky to have you as mother-in-law! Happy Mother's Day.

    When we are ready for a wedding at our house . . .you're hired!