Sunday, September 16, 2012

Debi, Sue & Friends Saddle Up!

Debi, Sue & Friends

 Saddle Up!

Welcome to our Horse Themed Debi, Sue & Friends!
Festivities started with the adoption of one of our mailbox horses from the Adoption Corral.

Here is one of our beauties before being primed

Here they are primed and ready for adoption!

Here they are from the back side!

Horses have been chosen and the painting begins!

Color, color, color!!

Our Friends never have issues when choosing colors and designs for their projects.

This mare's head was a beautiful shade of time worn pink by the time her artist was finished designing her.

Aren't they creative? 
More photos to add later!

To keep with our Horse theme, our good friend Denny Kious brought two of her wonderful horses to Painted Trails for us to ride!!!

Both are from the Appaloosa Breed and both are wonderful to ride.  

Meet Maria (Ma-rye-a)

Here is Carma!

  Four of our friends also took rides or at least sat on the horses for a photo op!!

It took some effort but I saddled up on Maria!

Sue on Maria!

Denny on Carma!

Marie on Carma

Debi & Sue are friends!

This is the end of the trail for now!

We were very blessed for this event by the generous parents and friends that donated metal mail boxes for our project, by all the special people that helped with the event, including Denny and her horses and our friend's sister, Jenna, who took photos of the event and by the Lord  who provided the most beautiful fabulous weather we could have ever asked for!!!!

We are looking forward to having Jenna's photos to add to this blog.  Then you will see photos of the lunch and decor following our theme.

Please feel free to comment on what you have seen and contact me if you are interested in attending a class to make your own Horse Mailbox!!

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