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Mom's 90th Birthday Party Favor

Mom's 90th Birthday Favor 

September 13, 2014

Each guest at Mom's big bash received a charm!

Each charm was attached to one of 8 photo cards.

We printed a message, from Mom, on the back of each card.

I was asked to plan the favor and worked with my Mom to create this special gift!

We decided on a charm!
I embossed some round disks, stamped some stars and put together the charm on the right.

We decided to shorten the charm and lessen the work.

Mom suggested that I use two strands of her glass beads, in two shades of blue, to add to the charms.

After taking the strands apart, I reassembled them using metal eye pins, from Vintaj, with loops on one end and then using a 1-Step Looper tool from Vintaj, I was able to make a perfect loop for the other side. 

Bead combinations varied for each charm.

Now for the metal heart!

The Metal Forget-Me-Not Heart from Vintaj has a hollow backside. 

 I filled the backside of the heart with a white polymer clay.
The word Faith, which is very important to my mother, was stamped in the clay with an vintage letter stamp set.

We wanted the piece to look aged. After baking the hearts,
 according to the manufacturer's instruction, 
I dry brushed Clay Vintaj Patina on each heart.

I filled in the word, Faith, with black patina by brushing it in the impression and then wiping off the excess with a very lightly dampened cloth.

Vintaj carries a line of Patinas which are opaque inks specially formulated to adhere to metal.

I tried several different colors and settled on mostly blues.  They looked best with the crystals. 

The Front of the Heart!

The Forget-Me-Not flower, on the front of the heart, was painted blue with a yellow center to mimic the realistic flower colors.

Using a slightly watered Clay Patina color, I added the wash to the heart.

Then wiped off the excess and let it dry.

Vintaj also has a glaze that can be used to seal the metal.

Lastly, the word circles!

Using three different word metal stamps, HOPE, JOY and LOVE (Beaducation), I stamped a brass circle from Vintaj.  

Words were painted with Cobalt Patina. I rubbed off the excess with Pro Polish Pad from Beaducation.

The charms were assembled with Vintaj findings on a Lobster Clasp. 

To finish off the gift, I used My Digital Studio from
  Stampin Up to create a message and display card, 
as seen at the beginning of this post.

With one of my left over efforts, I made the above charm and gave it to a special friend!

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