Wednesday, November 12, 2014



Home Decor Paint

a collection by caromal colours

The Botanicals are luscious and creamy paints inspired by the enchanting gardens of Europe. They are designed to bring a similar beauty into your lifestyle by enhancing your furniture, cabinets, and accessories with a gorgeous matt, chalky luster.
These paints are incredibly easy to use, brilliantly versatile in application, and wonderfully durable.  Even if you have no experience, you can achieve a stunning array of custom finishes in your home.
They flow beautifully, cover completely, sand like a dream for distressing and don't require wax to finish.
The collection is water based, non-toxic, and perfect over any clean, dry, home surface such as wood (raw, painted, varnished), metal, glass, plastic, tile, masonry etc. with
no stripping, sanding, or priming.
Brush, roll, "mush" (stipple), or wipe it on surfaces. Discover all the possibilities of this versatile product -- Home Decor Paint, silky by nature, is thin enought to achieve smooth finish as well as soft distressing effects when colors are layered.
*For more dramatic effects, consider using them with the Country Living Artisans Collection of Textured Basecoats or RECLAIM Beyond Paint.

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