Saturday, January 3, 2015

New Lid for an Old Pot

New Lid for an Old Pot

A very dear friend loved her vintage yellow crockery, but it didn't have a lid. 
She allowed me to make one for her.

I used an old aluminum pot lid that fit the pot perfectly.

 First I removed the old handle.  I decided to metal stamp names,
around the edge of the lid, of items she could store in her pot. 

I blackened in the letters with a Sharpie Pen and removed the excess with a Pro Polish Pad  from Beaducation.

I stamped in words such as PRICELESS TREASURES!


and YUMMY TREATS, they could be for the cats!


Next I created a polymer clay handle. 

I screwed a small screw into the clay, then unscrewed it out.
I made an impression in the clay where the nut would go and pulled it back out.
Then I baked the clay.

 When the clay figure was cooled I painted the cat to look like my friend's cats. 
I think they are of the Cornish Rex breed.
My friend says they look like her cats, but maybe she was just being nice!!  I tried!
I chose a cat, because my friend has 3 cats that she adores!

When screwing the cat knob on the lid, I added a washer on the inside of the lid. 

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