Saturday, January 24, 2015

Paper Sheet Muisic Tassels

Paper Sheet Music Tassels


The tassels are made from a champagne cork, vintage sheet music, rusty wire, walnut stained twill, beads, vintage buttons, metal charms and vintage book pages that are stamped with a variety of stamps (some from Stampin' Up) and tied on with cotton string. 

I have four ready for Valentine's day!

There are seven more with various themes

Below is a Fox/Cupcake theme and a Fern/No.1 theme

On the left is the Fox/Cupcake theme 
and on the right is the
Fern/No.1 theme


Fox/Cupcake theme
can be used to celebrate a special occasion


Fern/No.1 theme
can be shared to celebrate a great accomplishment!


Below are two are my Sewing Susie tassels
( after my excellent seamstress friend Sue)



First Sewing Susie Tassel 


Second Sewing Susie Tassel

Animal Lovers tassels

 Two Suprise Rabbit Tassels


They are the same except for the message.

One message is hugs & kisses and the other is sparkle.

The last tassel is 

Cat Friends



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